EDI - Ultimate Transformer

EDI - Ultimate Transformer Request Demo

Becoming EDI compliant with your business partners is faster and easier than you think. "Ultimate EDI Solutions" understands that buyers / retailers are placing greater demands on their suppliers to comply with increasingly complex trading requirements. Working with multiple buyers with different business practices can make satisfying these requirements an arduous task - that is, unless you're dealing with InterTrade! We here at UEDIS understands that your Buyers/retailers are all working with different ERP Platforms, sending different order formats and all use different product identification methods. Our Ultimate Transformer product makes trading with these buyers/retailers EDI and processes their orders in seconds - FAST, CORRECTLY AND WITHOUT ANY ISSUES - SAVING TIME, MONEY AND MASSIVE RECOURSE - EXACTLY WHAT YOUR COMPANY NEEDS. Processing Large amounts of order fast and correctly and getting them delivered is what we specialize in - we have a huge understanding of the commercial and EDI sector, thus making it easy for us to understand your exact requirements. Our EDI product will be tailored to your exact requirements - as we understand all companies trade in different ways depending on their requirements

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Ultimate Web Trader

Ultimate Web Trader Request Demo

Having a Good Web Presence and a Functional Customer Ordering and Management Portal available to your clients are vital in today's age. Making it easy for your clients to place orders and get access to their account details are vital. Your clients can browse ALL YOUR PRODUCTS AND PURCHASE THEM at the touch of a button. These order will get sent directly into your ERP system as ALREWADY CREATED ORDERS without any human input required. Your clients have all their account details available to them without having to contact your Accounts Department. This saves them time and saves your company time as staff gets freed up to concentrate on their main roles.

Customers can thus:

  • Place Orders
  • Get Stock
  • View their own pricing as agreed (different accounts can have different prices)
  • View their Order History
  • Track Orders
  • View Their Invoices and Statements
  • View updated Account Balances, Available Credit Limit etc.
  • View Your Marketing Pages and Specials
  • View Available Product Groups
  • And much more functionality available

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Ultimate Rep Trader

Ultimate Rep Trader Request Demo

Our Ultimate Rep Trader products makes Increasing Sales and Managing their Clients easy for your Sales Reps. Making a hugely functional portal available to your reps to increase sales, manage clients and have all required data at their fingertips at any stage is vital to all businesses who are serious about increasing sales, and to any rep who loves chasing sales without the old fashioned difficulties linked to it. The Ultimate Rep Portal will assist your Sales Reps in all ways required and will have an immediate effect on your sales figures and customer satisfaction.

The Rep Portal is directly linked to your ERP system and gets update hourly/daily depending on the type of data send from your system to the portal.

  • Each Rep Only see his clients and data - thus split up by Rep and Rep Accounts
  • Each Rep Gets Geo Located at the time of logging in - thus displaying his clients to him on a map - from closest to furthest. From there each Rep can just click on his clients and have all that customers details vailable to him
  • CRM Account Graphs are displayed to the Rep and he can access from sales details to budget details - all account details required for a client vist
  • Reps Can Log Visits against each account - thus creating a visit/discussion history making it easier to manage their accounts
  • Reps Can Make dated Notes against accounts
  • Reps can EMAIL any information within the portal to themselves or their clients

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Ultimate Management Portal

Ultimate Management Portal Request Demo

Our Management Portal makes it easy for "Sales Managers" or "Area Managers" to manage all Reps Allocated to them. They immediately have all the following information available at their fingertips - Manging Reps becomes easy with our Management Portal

  • View all Reps belonging to specific Area Manager
  • View All Rep Details that a manager would need
  • View All Clients that belongs to each Rep - in number and in detail
  • View All Logged Customer Visits made by each specific rep
  • View Budgets for each Rep - Are they achieving Sales Figures
  • View Sales Details per Rep and Per Rep Client

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